Top Tips To Sell Your Car In Melbourne

Are you looking to sell your car in Melbourne? You may believe that it is pretty easy, like simply walking into a dealership and selling your car, and then buying a new one. But, do you wonder if you could be getting the right deal?  And what do you need while selling your car in Melbourne? Here are our top tips to sell your car in Melbourne!

Know the Right Price

It is important for a few sellers that they sell their car for enough cash to repay the balance of any finance they oww. In such a scenario, it is better to know in advance that you may have to repay the balance owing out of your savings or from selling any other of your assets.

Even if there is no finance, it is disheartening to place your vehicle on the market, go through the selling procedure, while patting yourself on the back for the best sale, only to figure out that the vehicle was worth more than you get for it. It is specifically true in case maybe you have sunk some more money into the vehicle, adding certain accessories, having it upgraded or repaired.

Get a Roadworthy Certificate

You may need to obtain a roadworthy certificate for your car in Victoria, before selling it. Without it, a vehicle registration can’t be transferred to a new owner. You may only obtain this certificate from an authorized VicRoads tester, hence, don’t be taken for a ride in case someone tells you they can obtain a roadway certificate. A few vehicles are exempt hence ensure to check out all the details regarding VicRoads website.

Do the Paperwork

Selling your vehicle comes with some paperwork involved in it. You may get this ready before you find a buyer after downloading the registration form for application of transfer from VicRoads and filling out the information.

Prepare Your Car

While selling your prestige vehicle would assess the value of your vehicle based on its existing shape; there isn’t any harm in ensuring your vehicle is presentable for selling it. This may include repairing any scratches or chips in the paintwork, cleaning the vehicle, and ensuring that your service book information is up to date.


Easily Sell Your Car at

Several prestige vehicles are still sought after by a few buyers, hence it does make sense to make sure your vehicle is in the right shape, and that you need all the required paperwork and documents together to make selling your vehicle in Melbourne a breeze.

In case you would like to skip the idea of trading your vehicle in for a lower price or spending hours waiting for a few to call as you sell it to a private dealer, pop into the website. You will get an offer within a few minutes at, and if all checks out, we may be taking your vehicle off your hands in just a few hours.



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