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If you are looking for a quick and convenient way to sell your vehicle at an affordable price, 

Cash For Cars Melbourne could be the perfect solution. Before selling your vehicle to us, though, it’s imperative that you know what to expect from the process – after all, this is a big decision even if you no longer drive the car in question.

By now, you should know that we buy cars in Melbourne from drivers like you. In this quick guide, we’ll discuss the key issues you need to know before using our services. The road to a smooth car sale starts now.

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What exactly is a cash for cars Melbourne service?

Does Cash for Cars Melbourne offer cash for cars near me?

How does the cash for cars service work?

What happens after using a cash for cars service?

What exactly is a cash for cars Melbourne service?

As the name suggests, cash for cars is a service in which you can sell your vehicle for money. You sell the car to us, we take it off your hands, and you get paid. It really is that simple.

It is an alternative approach to traditional car sales that a growing number of drivers in Australia are turning to each year. Some of the incentives include;

  • It is a suitable method for scrap cars, faulty vehicles, and unwanted motors.
  • You will get paid cash in full on the day of your sale.
  • There is no need to worry about listings, viewings, or negotiations.
  • You will avoid the risk of a private buyer wanting a refund.
  • All paperwork and legal matters will be handled too.

For an easy sale regardless of what condition the car is in, this approach is ideal.

Does Cash for Cars Melbourne offer cash for cars near me?



When looking at cash for cars near me, several factors will influence your final decision. After all, you deserve to be paid top dollar by a reputable company that makes your life as easy as possible. However, you also need to think about the location.

The location is particularly important when selling cars that are no longer roadworthy due to road accidents or other issues. Here at Cash for Cars Melbourne, we offer a FREE Melbourne-wide pick-up service to all customers. This includes;

  • Cash for Cars Melbourne Western Suburbs
  • Cash for Cars Melbourne Eastern Suburbs
  • Cash for Cars Melbourne Northern Suburbs
  • Cash for Cars Melbourne South Eastern Suburb

If your vehicle is currently located in Mornington Peninsula, Pakenham, Dandenong, Werribee and Hoppers Crossing, Melton and Kurunjang area, or any other part of Melbourne, we can help. Better still, you don’t even have to be home when we arrive.

How does the cash for cars service work?

Cash for Car services work on a simple premise of you selling the car to our experts without the need for middlemen or lengthy processes. Many experts state that selling a used car takes an average of 60 days.

Over one million new cars are purchased in Australia annually. If you’re in the process of doing this or just need to get rid of an unwanted or undrivable vehicle, Cash for Cars Melbourne makes the process as simple as possible. The process is as follows;

  • Step one: contact us or use the online form to provide quick details about your car, which will allow us to provide your free no-obligation quote.
  • Step two: receive your quote, which includes no hidden costs, and decide whether to accept it – feel free to weigh up your options.
  • Step three: accept the offer and arrange for us to pick your vehicle up from any destination in Melbourne at no extra cost.
  • Step four: let us complete the paperwork needed to transfer the vehicle to us and remove any responsibility from you.
  • Step five: receive your full payment, in cash, before we take the car and send it to scrap.

Whether you seek convenience, quick payments, or simply wish to avoid unnecessary hassle doesn’t matter. The process could not be simpler.

What happens after using a cash for cars service?



Perhaps the best feature of this approach to vehicle sales is that you can draw a line under the situation right away. When we buy cars in Melbourne, we send the vehicles for scrap while our experts will complete the documentation on your behalf too.

So, there is no fear of gaining fines because the car wasn’t properly registered. No worry about buyers wanting a refund. And no need to wait for your money. 

No wonder our customers love our services so much.

Arrange your free quote now!

If you’re eager to sell your car for a fair price and without the hassle of traditional arrangements, Cash for Cars Melbourne is here to help. 

To find out how much your vehicle is worth or to arrange a free pick-up, get in touch with our friendly experts now.

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