Why Do People Want Cash Only For A Car?

A vehicle is one of the most important purchases that can be made, only buying behind a new house. It is normal for buyers to evaluate different cars and contact different dealers before buying. When you eventually find the vehicle of your dreams, you will need to figure out between paying by cash or financing your car. Should you buy a car cash only? Why do people prefer paying cash for cars?

You need to find the best vehicle that can fit your budget and needs, and you are wondering how to pay for it. Purchasing a car with cash has its drawbacks and advantages. Before you spend some money, make sure to identify if buying a car with cash is the best decision. Here is a detailed guide!

Selling a Car for Cash Only – A Good Idea?

In case you answer the question “why do people want cash only for cars?, make sure you aren’t thinking of dipping into your retirement account or life savings. Taking a small loan from retirement funds may leave you in a bind when you require that money. Whether or not you must buy a car by cash is a difficult question to answer.

In case you are using your savings to purchase a car with cash, ensure to leave yourself something to weather some unforeseen events. In good financial days, economic advisers suggest that people have at least 3 months’ worth of emergency savings to pay their utilities, food, insurance, rent, bills and gas etc. if you lose your job.

In the modern days, economic experts suggest that you have at least 9 months in savings, as enhanced periods of unemployment are pretty common. You don’t need to drain your emergency funds while deciding which method to adopt to buy a car. Can you purchase a car by cash? In case you can comfortably afford to draw from your emergency funds or savings for an enhanced period, then you can. It won’t be a good decision otherwise.

Is it really better to purchase a car by cash? It depends on the interest rates as well. In case you have stashed enough away in emergency funds, the right thing to consider is buying a cars with cash only if the money could be used in a better way. For instance, in case your credit is good enough to get a lower interest rate on cars finance, you may do better to find a loan for the vehicle and invest your cash in a financial item with greater interest rates. Another factor to consider when deciding to buy a car with cash is your credit. .

Pros and Cons of Cash Only for Car

Pros of buying a car with cash:

  • You will pay no interest at all
  • You don’t have to pay an amount of money every month

Cons of buying a car with cash:

  • You lose any investment opportunity with the cash
  • You lessen your savings for some unforeseen events.


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