What Do I Need To Sell My Car In Melbourne?

Self-selling a car may seem like a difficult procedure, but if you do your research and get ready for it, you’ll probably find it’s the best way to obtain the most money for your car with the least amount of hassle. Here are some important things that you need to consider before selling your car in Melbourne:

Roadworthy certificate

Before selling your car in Melbourne, you must have a roadworthy certificate for it. An automobile registration cannot be transferred to a new owner without this. There is paperwork involved when selling a vehicle.

Prepare your car

There is no harm in making sure your automobile is ready for sale, even though Sell Your Prestige Car will evaluate the value of your car depending on its existing condition. This involves detailing the vehicle, fixing any paint chips or scratches, and ensuring that the information in your service book is current.


You must be aware of the value of your vehicle. Obtaining a valuation might be necessary. A vehicle dealer is where you may purchase one, and you can do it over the phone.

Photograph your car

You’ll need to grab a customer’s attention. You can achieve it by using really strong images. Try to take pictures of your car at the start or end of the day; this is known as the “golden hour” in the world of photography.


You’re attempting to sell a used automobile. You’ll have to engage in negotiation. But if you’ve done your homework, you know exactly how much your car is worth and what other people are asking for similar items.


Make your maintenance records available to potential buyers if you have copies of them or if you can obtain them from the dealer or repair facility. It will aid in persuading them that purchasing your car is a wise investment. Have the warranty documents on hand, together with the warranty provider’s contact information, so that the buyer may easily get the remaining warranty transferred to his name.


When you sell your car on consignment, someone else—typically a car dealer—sells it on your behalf. Typically, you must establish your minimum price, and the seller will then add their commission.

Trade your car in

This is without a doubt the simplest and speediest method for selling a used car. However, there are two things to think about. First off, of all your selections, this usually offers you the lowest selling price. Second, you must buy a new vehicle to replace the old one. Make your automobile presentable for a trade-in, but don’t obsess over addressing small issues.

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