5 Ways to Make More Money Selling Used Cars

Whether you’re just getting started in the business of buying and selling used cars or you’ve been at it for years, it’s important to make as much money as possible when buying or selling cars.

That means maximizing your profit margins and being aware of ways to make more money when selling used cars or making the process easier for your customers who are interested in buying them from you. Follow these five tips and you’ll do just that!

1) People are more likely to buy if you spend time talking about their needs

In your ad, make sure you write about what kind of car people are looking for (if you don’t know that offhand, ask them when they call). Then spend some time in your post talking about what their needs are and how you can help.

People who want to buy a used car often have specific reasons why—and if you address those reasons in your ad, it’ll be easier for potential customers to choose you over another seller.

2) Keep your prices low (but be willing to negotiate)

Research shows that buyers prefer lower sticker prices and are more likely to buy a car when they feel like they’re getting a good deal. If you want to be competitive, set your asking price as low as possible while still being fair.

Be willing to negotiate with prospective buyers, but don’t let them push you too far. You can always come down a little, but if you give in on everything, it won’t take long for people to stop negotiating with you altogether.

3) Use technology to your advantage

The modern car shopper wants as much information about a vehicle as possible before stepping foot on a dealership lot. By offering videos, testimonials, and reviews of your vehicles online, you allow potential buyers to do their research in advance. And when you eventually bring them in for a test drive, they’ll be that much more eager to buy from you.

4) Buy cars yourself, fix them up, and sell them as Certified Pre-Owned

The best way to take advantage of used-car markets is by buying and selling them yourself. Buying pre-owned cars in your area will give you a good idea of what other buyers are paying while giving you more money on resale.

Fixing up these cars yourself and getting them certified at an inspection center means you can get a better return by selling them as Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.

5) Buy cars at auctions, fix them up, and sell them as Certified Pre-Owned

This is a particularly good option if you have mechanical skills. If you don’t, find someone who does and pay them a small fee for their time. The added cost of buying cars at auctions, however, can eat into your margins pretty fast; so be sure you know what you’re doing before you jump in.

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