How Much Can I Sell My Car For?

While you are thinking about selling a car, there are a couple of fundamental factors to consider. First, what amount of money you want to sell it for, and the effort and time you need to put in. Depending on the significance of these factors, there would be some options that suit you the best. Choosing the place to sell your car is a crucial decision. Here is a detailed guide on where and how much you can sell your car for..

Selling Your Car Privately

Selling a car by yourself is one of the ways to get a lot of money. You may get 10 to 15% more than you expect if you sell your car privately. If you advertise it well, you would be able to sell your car quickly and for a good amount of money.

This is likely to take you some time as well because you may have to create an ad and also respond to the enquiries yourself. You may also need to make your car and yourself available to potential buyers, and depending on where you put your advert, you also may have to pay for it. In case you sell your car privately, here are a few tips:

  • Be fair and honest in your car description
  • Ensure you prove the ownership of the car
  • Politely and promptly deal with all sorts of enquiries from the buyers
  • Stay present at test drives and viewings
  • Ensure you are taking payments in a safe manner.

Car Buying Websites – Are They Worth It?

Those wanting to sell their car quickly would probably be tempted by some car-buying websites. They provide a quick sale which means you can get rid of your old car and get top cash quickly, without any hassle of dealing with buyers and advertising your car.

However, different websites offer different ways, hence, it is significant to shop around. A few, for instance, will make a greater offer and then lower the price when you get there, leaving you with reduced cash than you expected. In addition, if you need to take your car to a dealer to sell it, you need to work out how you are getting home.

Also, the value you are quoted by them would be subject to an inspection. In case the inspection finds faults, the offer would be reduced. You may also need to pay an admin fee at times for their service which would further lessen the money you take home.

Not all websites are like this though, and finding the best site to sell your car for top cash can be one of the finest ways you can get rid of your old car and get good cash. In case you want quick cash with minimum hassle, sell your car to We offer the best cash for your old car and can buy it quickly without hassle. We can pick your car up from your address and remove it from your property for free.


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